Query dlexDB from your application.

New: dlexDB now offers its services in a machine-accessible way, as a RESTful web service. Access each table at a specific URL, add query parameters for filtering and sorting and retrieve the result in common JSON format. This service is aimed at developers.

Example (filter query):

Retrieve low-frequency types with a high frequency prefix (first three characters), ordered by frequency descending, first 20 results:


Note: This link takes you to a HTML result page with documentation and the JSON result embedded. From your application, you would add a HTTP_ACCEPT: application/json header to your request to receive the JSON only.

Another example (list query):

Retrieve frequency values for the three items Hans, fofofo, and Maria. Since fofofo is not a type in dlexDB, NULL will be returned for its frequency (NULL is different from 0):


Note: For long lists, you may use the HTTP POST method with the same URL. All dlexDB API URLs may be queried with GET or with POST without difference.


Currently, only the first 10,000 results can be retrieved from a filter query, and list queries are limited to 10,000 items maximum.