Avg. cond. prob., in bigrams


Average conditional probability of a type, based on an evaluation of all bigrams having this type as their second component. For any indiviudal bigram, the conditional probability of its second component, given the first, can be described by:

P(w2|w1) = C(w1w2)/C(w1)

where C is the frequency (count) of a type or bigram. Then for the average conditional probability of a type, the frequency of each bigram is taken into account:

AvgCondProb = sum(C(w1w2)*P(w2|w1)) / sum(C(w1w2))

This measure serves as the basis for the average information content of a type.

Data type:

Data type
Data subtype
Double precision floating point number
Query operators
greater or equal, lower or equal
Null value

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