Neighbor Levenshtein


This column lists the orthographical neighbors to the types in the Type column in the same table. The definition of neighborhood applied here is the one by Levenshtein (1966):

According to this definition, an orthographic neighbor differs from its reference type by exactly one change operation, where a change operation is one of inserting, deleting or exchanging one character. It is also said that the edit distance between the two types is 1.

Example: Fliege has higher frequency Levenshtein neighbors liege, Flieger und Fliegen, and less frequent Levenshtein neighbors fliege, Flieg, Fliegt, Fliese and more.

Please note that the number and the cumulative frequency of a type's neighbors are given in the Types table. They need not be calculated manually. The list of neighbors given here is just for reference and verification of the neighborhood measures given in the Types table.

For neighbors according to the definition of Coltheart, please see the Neighbors Coltheart table.

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