Uniqueness point (lemma) prefix length


Length of the shortest prefix uniquely identifying the single lemma associated with the type. For types with two or more lemma associations, no such prefix exists, and a value of 0 is given. For all other types (those mapping to a single lemma), all possible continuations of the type must point to the same single lemma, otherwise the value will still be 0. If both conditions are fulfilled, a shortest prefix can be determined which uniquely identifies the single lemma of the type and all its continuations. The value given then is the length of this prefix.


Uniqueness point (lemma) prefix lengthExplanation
Vervollständigung15Vervollständigu (length: 15 Zeichen) has only two possible continuations (Vervollständigung and Vervollständigungen). Both continuations are inflectional forms of the same lemma Vervollständigung. Any shorter prefix, e.g., Vervollständig, would lead to more possible continuations, e.g., to Vervollständigt, and thus to more lemma associations (vervollständigen und vervollständigt). So Vervollständigu is the shortest prefix of Vervollständigung that uniquely determines its only lemma-association.
Leben0Leben is associated with more than one lemma (Leben und leben), so that no prefix uniquely identifying a single lemma can be determined. A value of 0 is given.
Fortsetzung0While Fortsetzung does have the lemma Fortsetzung as its only lemma association, it can still be continued to, e.g., Fortsetzungsroman with lemma Fortsetzungsroman. So no prefix uniquely identifying a single lemma can be determined, and a value of 0 is given.

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